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24 Mar 2018

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My beauty essentials

21 Aug 2016

Hi beauties!


Today I want to tell you about my beauty products. I am not a makeup lover. Inspired by my favourite Parisian fashion icons, I try to wear only a bit of eyeliner and mascara, sometimes even lipstick, but anything else. 


Instead of using a lot of makeup products, I prefer taking care of my skin. This is the best way to always look naturally perfect. Right now I am using products from Eisenberg, a brand founded by José Eisenberg and defined by himself like a mixure of high-tech, art and elegance. You can see it even in the packaging: everithing in this brand is minimal and elegant.


Continue reading to know more about my products and to see the pictures!


A quick view to all the products I own and the bag... beautiful, isn't it?



Here you can see the Sublime Tan Face & Body Oil. It makes your skin looks shinny and tanned, and it also has solar protection (SPF6). Oh, and... it smells amazing. 



This is one is an essential: a fluid moisturising cream that I can't stop using everyday. Makes my skin feel really soft.


Ok, this is a firming remodelling mask. You must be thinking... YOU HAVE ONLY 21, YOU DON'T NEED THESE THINGS! But the truth is, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer it will stay young. I feel the difference after using it, believe me.


This one is probably my favourite. Inspired by the City of Love, this parfum makes you feel like a real Parisienne... It smells SO FRENCH! 


Hope you liked the post. All the opinions are real. You can visit Eisenberg's website and shop their products here


See you soon,





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